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Very Credit CardShop Direct’s Very has emerged as one of the top UK web retailers. They launched at back in summer 2009, although this was considered as a rebrand of Littlewoods Direct. Their massive growth has been supported by aggressive TV ad campaigning where they use various celebrity endorsements. Despite starting out in women’s fashion they have adapted to sell a wide range of products. There has also been room for financial products pitched through the Money Zone. Here they offer personal loans (via Moneyway) and their spread the cost account that they issue directly through the Shop Direct Finance Company. Then we have the Very credit card that has been in significant demand since its launch.

No information surrounds when it actually sprung up. This is an affinity release and so whilst they have stamped their name on it, all they to do is promote it with everything else being put together by their issuer (Capital One). It is based on Capital One’s Classic and so it shares all the same specs including the 34.9% rate. You get to spend between £200 and £1500. The same eligibility requirements as their issuer are required. As you may tell from the high rate, bad credit is considered here. There is a benefit in heading down this route. Other than supporting brand loyalty, customers can take advantage of a £10 bonus.

For this promotion a code will be sent to you within 30 days. Minor product details are presented through the site. The apply button is displayed here, but the application is taken at and the Very credit card login is managed at This is not the only partnership that the owner holds with Capital One who also issue the cards of Littlewoods. This offering in focus has been more popular to date, but that would be expected through the mainstream popularity of this brand. The most popular affinity partnership held by their issuer is Luma. They have however invested on a large scale in TV ads for their dedicated product.

Very @ 34.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 7 to 10 working days.

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