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Vanquis Credit CardVanquis Bank (full name) is the credit card arm of Provident Financial who are well known as the market leading doorstep lender (as Provident) and they have been progressing well through their online equivalent service (named Satsuma Loans). Whilst they have seen dominance in the doorstep sector they have had to chase Capital One in this niche. They have 4 million customers whilst there are around 2.5 million here that have been built up since 2002. There is just the single Visa option pitched at However, they have another offering on a subdomain of this site called Aquis. Update: This product has now received its own website at

They did launch Black Diamond, but now only issue it. More recently they have launched a few fresh brands including Neo and Original. A few affinity partnerships have been made whereby they underwrite branded cards for Argos and Granite. The main Vanquis credit card starts customers of on limits between £150 and £1000. Running the account well can see increases up to £3500 that is higher than what any of their competitors stretch to today. Reviews come every 5 months. The APR is 39.9%, but you can get a lower deal with Aquis. People with bad credit are the clear target audience here. They note that they consider those with defaults, CCJs and even those with past bankruptcy.

With the Vanquis login, there are 2 websites crafted that includes and Evanquis is the main management facility that enables you to check your balance, view transactions and look back at your statement over the past 4 months. You can also make payments. PayVanquis covers payments only, but you don’t need to register. Both options can be selected at A recent update put though is that when you click through to Evanquis ( this will take you to a landing page. On selecting login again you will be sent to the (.com). Customer support is provided between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5.30pm.

Vanquis Visa @ 39.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 10 to 14 days.

Vanquis Visa Card