Privacy Policy

Very Bad Credit Cards was established in late 2015.

We are newly formed and so this website is still in development form.

Data collection from visitors is currently taken via analytics and third party ads and so we’ll discuss below just what information we are tracking and why we are doing this.

Web analytics simply lets us know what activity is going on our site throughout the day. StatCounter is the particular service that provides us with access to this information.

Whilst many stats can be checked over, we are primarily concerned with how many visitors we have received for the day. Where this traffic is coming from is important and so we can enquire this further by looking at referring websites. Most visitors will be arriving from search engines (notably Google) who command as much as 90% of the global market. We can view which pages have been visited the most that will help us to then build more themed content. Another useful stat shows the balance between desktop and mobile visits. On site creation we created a custom mobile theme that will be shown to those viewing on a phone. The option is however there to switch between desktop/mobile mode. The points raised here aid performance, but for administration purposes we can also track server issues as they occur or we can record suspicious IP visits.

Ads help to guide users to the lenders featured here and they help to cover our costs.

Advertisements have now been added to the site. In adding these, this will help to cover our running costs that includes such things as hosting, our theme, plugins, promotion, reg fees etc. Google AdSense is the only network used here. They’ll be showing ads matched to the content that will also benefit the user, allowing them to proceed with a credit card application. Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across the Adsense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.

The tracking discussed functions through the use of cookies that mark users by their IP address and then follow their pathway. You can freely block them through your browser settings. This is not recommended if you wish to keep your user names remembered on such sites as Facebook or perhaps your online banking. This is just one such example of how cookies help you. They are in fact required to be in use if you shop online where the carts need to recall your information as you move across pages.

No further data is tracked by us. As the content is developed here, we will start to update this page further. If you do have any questions in the meantime then you can reach us through the contact page located in the top menu bar.