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Luma Credit CardThe Luma credit card has been the UK’s most popular subprime affinity card to date. This product served at arrived in 2012. Rapid sector growth has much been owed to extensive TV ad campaigning that has helped this brand to surpass Granite that had arrived in early 2011. The Granite/Luma brands were released by MI Money Ltd that is a subsidiary of the Media Ingenuity Group. The Media Ingenuity’s main focus is geared at that provides comparisons for cards, loans and mortgages. The affinity partnerships include Capital One here, Vanquis is used for Granite and in the prime sector they have teamed up with MBNA to bring Fluid.

It is not clear why this featured product has taken on the position as the core brand, that is evident from the big advertising push. You’d assume that the reason would be Capital One’s market leading status in the profitable subprime sector. Customers can actually source a better deal through their older release. You pay 35.9% APR here whilst through their Vanquis partnership you pay 34.9%. The rate here at 35.9% is a little higher than what their issuer charges at 34.9%. Other specs are matched and so you’ll get a MasterCard with a credit limit between £200 and £1500. It comes in a blue colour whereas Granite is black.

Those with a poor borrowing track record are the target audience here. Qualification is possible with payment arrears, defaults and even CCJs. All applications are processed externally and not through The Luma credit card login is taken over at The contact times are listed as Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. You will actually be dealing with their issuer’s support team though and so although not stated on that side you do receive 24 hour support for general enquiries. There was at one time a 0% introductory deal provided on purchases here, but this promotion is no longer available through the site.

Luma @ 35.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 7 to 10 working days.

Luma Card