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Littlewoods Credit CardLittlewoods was formed as a betting company back in 1923 by Sir John Moores. They expanded into mail-order retailing in 1932 that is considered as their founding year. This business was however eventually made defunct, but the brand name has been taken forward by the Shop Direct Group over at Despite K&Co being fused into this operation, it is still not the Group’s core brand with Very taking on this position. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a big focus on this project that has been receiving plenty of TV ad campaigning over the past year. This has helped to keep their web service in popular demand.

This company is generally targeted at women’s fashion although they now sell all sorts. This is the same as Very really although they appear more aligned with younger crowds. There is no difference when it comes to their affinity credit cards that are each issued by Capital One. This affinity partnership is based on their issuer’s subprime Classic card. The Littlewoods credit card comes initiated with between £200 and £1500. This MasterCard is set at 34.9% and so you can qualify with bad or a non-existing borrowing history. As the case with their sister brand there is a £10 bonus applied to the account. They send a code with the details of this within 30 days.

In the styling department, Very have gone for a vibrant finish, whilst this release has a more basic appearance in a red coating. All of the basics surrounding this product are headlined at The Littlewoods credit card login is however undertaken through (as the case with all CO partners). Both of the Shop Direct Group’s cards have unknown launches, but each are in significant demand today. This release in focus has in fact grown to the extent of carrying the same level of popularity as the Argos offering that is issued by Vanquis. Luma has been the most successful affinity product to date and they aren’t likely to be caught anytime soon.

Littlewoods @ 34.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 7 to 10 working days.

Littlewoods Card