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Granite Credit CardThe Granite card was the first affinity partnership released by Vanquis who have since also joined up with Argos. The product pitched at was launched in early 2011. This is a trading brand of MI Money Ltd that is a division of the Media Ingenuity Group. All of the corporate info has however now been shifted on to TotallyMoney is their main project that has become a very popular comparison site over its active years. Whilst this was the first line of cards released, they would later return with Luma in 2012. Another release has been Fluid, although this is targeted at in the prime space in partnership with MBNA.

Luma via Capital One has been their clear favourite that is evident from the level of funding directed at prime time TV ads. The Granite credit card has not received such a push, but it is actually the cheaper solution of the pair. The APR is even lower than Vanquis Bank’s central release that is 39.9%. The improved rate here is 34.9%. Luma’s interest is 35.9% whilst Capital One’s is 34.9%. Outside of this pricing variation, all of these affinity cards have matched specs to the direct products. This featured Visa release starts new customers on between £150 and £1000. You can however access up to £3500 in time.

All applications are securely processed through and then the Granite login is covered by their issuer. When contacting their support team you are actually dealing with Vanquis and so the times run between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm whilst the Saturday time is 9am to 5.30pm. This was the first affinity partnership put through, but the provider later followed to secure Argos. Their release has now took over in web popularity, although this isn’t much of a surprise based on their vast retail network. The Argos cards come with the same 39.9% rate although they were cheaper at launch when they came in at 29.9%.

Granite @ 34.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 10 to 14 days.

Granite Card