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Black Diamond Credit CardThe Black Diamond credit card was originally launched by Vanquis Bank. Unlike other trading names such as Aquis, NEO and Original there is however no current ability to apply for it through the lender. It does look to have changed hands since the only way you can apply for it today is to head through The owner of this site is Credit Benefit Services Llc. This is not the first time that this American broker has dabbled with UK cards. They had been running the Rise and Shout cards that have each now been discontinued (accepting no new applications). The issuer for those was R Raphael & Sons.

The Rise and Shout releases were quite peculiar in the manner that they worked more along the lines of a payday loan whereby monthly interest was determined by the current balance (there was also a monthly fee to pay regardless of whether the balance had been cleared). The Black Diamond card is matched to the main products released by the issuer with the exception of a much higher interest rate. This is in fact the most expensive subprime option found on the market at an APR of 59.9%. This pricing hike appears to have resulted from ongoing added fees by the broker. There is no such difference when it comes to eligibility.

Elsewhere, everything is matched. Those applying for the first time will see a cap at £1000. Well managed accounts can see increases up to £3500. The website has been crafted as a pretty basic landing page, but they do at least encrypt all applications taken. Once approved, accounts are then managed through the Vanquis logins. For contact, you’ll be dealing with their issuer’s support team and they take calls between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and during Saturdays between 9am and 5.30pm. There is little incentive to opt with this particular brand, especially when you consider that the main cards go for 34.9% and the Aquis is 29.8%.

Black Diamond @ 59.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 10 to 14 days.

Black Diamond Card