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Barclaycard Credit CardBarclay’s Barclaycard was Britain’s first credit card launched on June 29th 1966. The trend was initially set through the arrival of charge cards from Diners Club (1962) and American Express (1963). A wide range of prime cards are available through We are however focusing here on their subprime Visa offering named Initial. This Barclaycard credit card is set at 34.9% APR, but it starts out at 0% on purchases for the opening 3 months. Once this deal ends there is a £20 cashback incentive added should the account be managed well. There is a note that the interest could be reduced after a year, but no further details are presented.

The potential funds range between £150 and £1200. A review on the limit will be made every 6 months. As with every release, contactless payment technology is added. To qualify you mustn’t have been made bankrupt in the past 6 years. No more than 1 CCJ is allowed and no recent missed bill payments. Most of their focus is directed towards prime lending. The Platinum that comes in several variations is their main product line where they offer great introductory deals to compete with fellow leading banks. There is no doubt though that this featured subprime option is important to them. It even has its own TV ad campaign running at the moment.

Barclay’s prime cards have took them ahead as the market leader in the UK that is a position also held in various other Euro countries. They have 36 million customers worldwide. No updated information surrounds their UK user base. It would be interesting to find out just how many customers are currently signed up on Initial. A Barclaycard credit card login is provided through that is known as MyBarclaycard. You can also manage your money through their mobile app. This operation is controlled from Northampton and their customer support operates 24/7. However, for new and existing application queries they take calls daily between 8am and 11pm.

Barclaycard Initial @ 34.9% APR
Promotion: 0% on purchases for 3 months and £20 cashback
Sent to You: In around 5 working days.

Barclaycard Initial Card