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Argos Credit CardThis is one of the UK’s leading retailers both on the high street and on the web. They have around 750 stores that serve around 130 million customers each year. Their website receives more than 430 million visits per year with 26% of their sales flowing through the internet. This is the core brand of the Home Retail Group that also includes Habitat and Homebase. This company was formed in 1973 by Richard Tompkins. Their roots could however be traced back to 1958 through Green Shield Stamps, since their stores, warehouses etc were rebranded at launch. The Argos Card for credit purchases has proved very popular over the years. This is currently priced at 29.9% APR.

The Argos credit card hasn’t had quite the same impact. It is now set at 39.9% though, that was increased from its original rate of 29.9%. Strangely, they haven’t got around to updating this rate when you apply through the retail website. As you’ll see from the new site ( plus the web ads you will pay 39.9%. This fresh domain has replaced This product is issued by Vanquis and it is has been a little more popular than their other affinity partner (Granite). There is no however no difference between these cards that see the same initial limit of £1000 that can potentially be topped up to £3500.

Applications are taken through and users can then manage their account through Evanquis/PayVanquis. It came as a surprise when Vanquis was chosen as the provider. Opting for a subprime lender ahead of a prime lender (like MBNA) has however been seen with other big retail companies and so there is obviously greater incentive in heading down this route. Both Littlewoods and Very are for instance connected with Capital One. The popularity of this release could be much higher, but there isn’t any current promotion that could help to drive up conversions. They have historically done this with store purchases in offering vouchers when X amount of cash has been spent.

Argos @ 39.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 10 to 14 days.

Argos Card