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Aquis Credit CardThe Aquis credit card delivers the lowest potential rate from Vanquis Bank over their other direct or affinity cards. There has been some big recent developments with this particular brand that includes a fresh domain and a new secondary product known as Credit Builder. To begin with the website, this service had been available on a subdomain of the main Vanquis site. Visitors couldn’t openly navigate to this page, but would instead need to get to it through search engines or through ads or comparison listings. The new switch has taken this project to This domain was registered way back in 2002, but the reboot looks to have come recently in late 2015.

As noted, there is a secondary offering. This has smaller limits between £150 and £250 and high interest at 49.9% APR. No attainable limit (in time) is mentioned. The main Aquis card of interest has that competitive rate of 29.8%. Other than this, everything else is matched to their main direct product. This equates to initial limits set between £150 and £1000 that can be increased in time to £3500. The same account logins, alerts, contact times etc are seen. The application itself is processed securely through You can’t select which of the cards you want here and so they probably make that decision based on how well you score.

One such area where there is bound to be variation is eligibility based on the lower deal that you can access here. They unfortunately don’t expand much on a tighter lending criteria. The chances are high though that they’ll be more picky at 29.8% and this is why you’d assume that they have crafted the supporting 49.9% back-up option that would be pushed at those with low scores. Argos at their launch did offer just 29.9%. There has however been a price hike there and so you pay the same 39.9% as you would through the provider’s direct cards or through Granite who are their longest running partner, heading back to 2010.

Aquis @ 29.8% APR
Credit Builder @ 49.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 10 to 14 days.

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