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Aqua Credit CardAqua is a small, yet emerging subprime card provider. Capital One has been leading the way with 4 million customers, Vanquis has 2.5 million and there are 750,000 joined here. The gulf between this trio has however been closing recently. TV advertising is making a difference here and they importantly deliver the most intriguing subprime offering in the Advance that when managed well can drop to 19.9% APR. There are currently 4 Aqua credit cards available through This brand has been trading since 2002 and it was created by SAV Credit Ltd who have now become NewDay Ltd. Outside of this company they run Marbles and Opus. The latter is closed for new business.

The available 4 options are all MasterCards that includes Advance, Classic, Reward and Start. Classic is priced at 35.9%. Both Advance and Reward are 34.9%. Start is set the highest at 49.9%. The benefit of Reward is that you receive 0.5% cashback (up to £100 per year). Advance is however the big seller. Its interest drops by 5% each year over 3 years. This means that the 34.9% with a 15% cut gets you 19.9% (assuming that you run the account well). The most expensive selection (Start) is crafted for those who haven’t borrowed before or those rebuilding. The chances are high that they’ll be picky over who gets their best cards with added features.

Funds are loaded between £250 and £1200 (£100 to £300 with Start). Bad credit is really their target audience. However they will decline those made bankrupt in the past 18 months or those with a CCJ heading back a year. The Aqua credit card login (MyAquaCard) is taken on a subdomain of Here you can check statements, run payments, securely contact them etc. Their contact support times aren’t disclosed. Times are shown at Marbles though that would likely be matched. These run as Monday and Friday (8am to 9pm), Saturday (9am to 5pm) and Sunday (10am to 6pm). NewDay is certainly a name to watch that was evident when they acquired Santander’s store card business.

Advance @ 34.9% APR (reduces to 19.9%)
Classic @ 35.9% APR
Reward @ 34.9% APR
Start @ 49.9% APR
Sent to You: In around 14 days.

Aqua Card