Very Bad Credit Cards

Compare Credit Cards for Bad Credit (Direct and Affinity)

Looking for the best credit cards for bad credit in the UK? This comparison page will identify the current cheapest subprime rates on the market, as well as addressing other service areas such as customer support, eligibility, experience, user bases etc. As it stands, there isn’t a considerable number of direct lending options, but the choice is widened a little by affinity cards. The plan should be to make sure that any defaults, CCJs etc are settled. Moving forward, pick a solution from below and manage it well to build trust. With trust it may be possible to eventually qualify for leading prime rates, so long as any red markings have fallen of your report (takes 6 years).


Black Diamond Credit Card Review |

Black Diamond Credit CardThe Black Diamond credit card was originally launched by Vanquis Bank. Unlike other trading names such as Aquis, NEO and Original there is however no current ability to apply for it through the lender. It does look to have changed hands since the only way you can apply for it today is to head through The owner of this site is Credit Benefit Services Llc. This is not the first time that this American broker has dabbled with UK cards. They had been running the Rise and Shout cards that have each now been discontinued (accepting no new applications). The issuer for those was R Raphael & Sons.


Argos Credit Card Review |

Argos Credit CardThis is one of the UK’s leading retailers both on the high street and on the web. They have around 750 stores that serve around 130 million customers each year. Their website receives more than 430 million visits per year with 26% of their sales flowing through the internet. This is the core brand of the Home Retail Group that also includes Habitat and Homebase. This company was formed in 1973 by Richard Tompkins. Their roots could however be traced back to 1958 through Green Shield Stamps, since their stores, warehouses etc were rebranded at launch. The Argos Card for credit purchases has proved very popular over the years. This is currently priced at 29.9% APR.